iZen Pricing Plans

A new pricing structure has been announced by iZen. The plans empower small, large & multi-outlet retailers to implement the powerful cloud based iZenPos and iZen Portal systems in a very economical way.
The plans introduce a Starter, an Advanced and a Multi-Outlet pricing structure.
The Starter plan is one for the smaller retailers and includes a single iZenPos register with a highly functional iZen Portal back office enabling retailers to maximize their profits and financial control.

The Advanced plan provides the features of the Starter plan with additional capability and the ability to add additional iZenPos registers at an additional fee.

The Multi-Outlet plan is designed to meet the needs of a multiple outlet operation, whether the outlets are owned by the one company or by many individual owners. This plan is ideal for franchise operations. The plan includes 2 iZenPos registers software and has all the features including the multimedia presentation, Vision. Additional iZenPos licences can be added for an additional fee.

For the features in each plan please click on the “Compare Plans” link in the Pricing Plans of the Overview page or contact your local iZen office or email iZen for more details.