COVID-19 spread throughout the Philippines in the last 2 years has decimated the retail, hospitality and amusement industries throughout the Philippines. The highly infectious COVID-19 variants including Omicron has seen many hospitality and restaurants close their doors for good in the face of mandated closure restrictions. Many retail and hospitality businesses throughout Asia had a history of living from hand to mouth with very little in the way of capital reserves.  This has resulted in many businesses having too little cash flow and too high debt levels with high leases and rents the only possible outcome, without government intervention, being closure of the business. Over 70% of iZen clients in these low margin industries have closed.  Businesses urgently need the ability to trade to avoid closure.  That having been said has created significant opportunities for new businesses going forward.  Retail and hospitality can be expected to rebound quickly and strongly once the restrictions can be lifted.  In the meantime manage your cash flow provide contingency funding and survive.