WordPress integration API

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Integrate the izenpos or posportal point of sale applications with the internet portal brick & mortar activities with a fully functioning WordPress webstore that can be tailored specifically to your business to handle online customer orders, order fulfilment and procurement. This module provides a wide range of differing functionality enabling the web store to become a separate reportable “store” in the common controlling internet Portal with financial, employee controls, items, pricing and other benefits such as offers, vouchers and loyalty to be treated either the same as or different to the “brick and mortar” stores (sites). The integration enables businesses to sell in different forms in the different retailing environments e.g. in a brick and mortar store sell by kilogram or single unit and in the webstore sell by the pack. The integration handles multicurrency situations. This integration is achieved through an API which can be implemented by your own WordPress store developer. Full documentation is made available with the subscription.

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