iZen is omnichannel


iZen retail management combines providing an integrated webstore, mobile, point of sale and enterprise wide solution capable of running large multi-business enterprises and SME businesses.  The products cater for FMCG, retail, fashion, white goods, hairdressers, beauty spas, fast food, full-service restaurants, take-away and services styles of business.

The suite of products empowers a retailer to interact with their customer base, suppliers and supply chain through traditional and mobile technologies.  Additionally multimedia advertising and marketing control is an optional part of the packages. The Omnichannel iZen suite of products puts you in control of all the ways of interacting with your customers in a flexible, powerful, sophisticated and easy to use set of products. Let your customers trade with you through your webstore, their phone, SMS, Email or at your physical store.  Customers can order online and pick up at a store of their convenience with automatic inter-branch movement of stock and a feedback to the webstore the goods have been picked up – a closed loop operation.

Webstores can report financially to the same enterprise management tools as the “brick and mortar”. Customers can shop in person at brick & mortar or via webstore or mobile apps.